Highlights from SCCDP Dinner Fundraiser 2021

By: Tony Khoshaba

On Friday September 17th, as ADBA representative, I participated in the SCCDP annual dinner fundraiser. I was delighted that our organization was recognized in the program book as well as on the podium as one of the newly formed Democratic clubs in Santa Clara County.

The event was a good opportunity to meet federal, state, and local officials, labor leaders and party activists during reception and discuss various topics and I am hoping in future years we will have a larger presence in such events.  

I had an interesting discussion about the upcoming zoning ordinances in San Jose with Councilman for District 10, Mr. Matt Mahan which is a hot local topic these days.

Chatting with Matt Mahan San Jose Councilman District 10 about the upcoming changes in housing and zoning ordinances

It was also nice to meet police officer Christine Nagaye, who is a candidate for Santa Clara County Sheriff 2022. In future months we will have conversations with various candidates and will discuss the possibility of endorsement as a Democratic club.

With police officer Christine Nagaye, candidate for SCC Sherif 2022

In addition chatting with the President of the newly established Jewish Democratic Club of Silicon Valley, Ms. Dorene Kastleman  and Ms. Sousan Manteghi Safakish of the Bay Area Iranian American Democrats was very beneficial exploring future collaboration of our clubs on joint community projects. I also have continuing dialog with SCCDP chair Mr. Bill James, as to ways our club can make unique contribution. He has been instrumental in guiding us in establishing and accrediting our organization.

 With Bill James chairman of the Democratic Party in Santa Clara County.

One highlight of the event was the opening chant by a local native American Tribe to acknowledge the land we all share. This chant was enchanting, humbling and beautiful. Acknowledging the native American heritage of the land we all share in our county in this event was very fitting. We as Assyrians relate to acknowledging the indigenous heritage profoundly as in the Middle East our communities are still fighting to maintain and protect their indigenous lands, language and heritage.

Acknowledging The Land in Native American Tradition

One other highlight of the event was the standing applause that Congresswoman Anna Eshoo received at the event.  The progressive congressman Ro Khanna called her “my role model” in his keynote speech. We should be very proud that one of the most influential and popular elected officials in our county is a member of our Assyrian community. ABDA will continue to work closely with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo on a variety of issues.