Endorsement Statement for Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Date: May 11th, 2022 The Assyrian Democrats of the Bay area is a grassroots progressive political organization that was chartered and accredited by the Santa Clara Democratic Party in July 2021. As we get closer to our anniversary and ahead of the June 7th, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election, we are proud to endorse Congresswoman […]

A Conversation on AB 1400: California Guaranteed Health Care for All

California is usually ahead of the rest of the nation when it comes to pushing ahead on social and political issues. Healthcare reform continues to be at the forefront of political debates between left and right, between Progressives, Democrats, and Republicans. Progressives see Healthcare reform as a matter of human rights and push for guaranteed healthcare for […]

How My Traditional Values Went from Being a Prison to a Home

How My Traditional Values Went from Being a Prison to a Home

ADBA Seminar Series Rev. Fred Harrel (he/him/his)Sr. Pastor, City Church San FranciscoCity Church San Francisco 7:00 pm, March 8th, 2022Online Zoom Meeting Assyrian Christianity (in its various forms from ancient traditions of the Assyrian Church of the East, Various Syriac Catholic and Orthodox traditions, the Chaldean Catholic tradition, as well as various Presbyterian, Evangelical and […]

Our “sold out” Christmas dinner was a real success

By: Walter Varda, ADBA Executive Board Member Our “sold out” Christmas dinner turned out to be a real success on all counts. We started the day, setting up the dining room, tables and chairs, covers and flowers, ornaments and baubles, biscuits and bites. Within minutes, the SCCDP headquarters had turned into a festive Christmas venue. […]

Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area Resolution on Juristac

December 7, 2021 Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area Resolution   On Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and Protecting Juristac  WHEREAS Assyrian Americans, who still carry the generations-deep scars of oppression, genocide, displacement, and marginalization in the countries of their ancestral origins in the Middle East, hence can fully relate to the history and struggles of Indigenous […]

Fred Parhad Sculptures to be auctioned at the Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area Christmas Dinner 2021!

It is our pleasure to announce that Mr. Fred Parhad, the renowned Assyrian sculptor, has dedicated three custom-made sculptures specifically made for the Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area.  These sculptures are to be auctioned at the upcoming “ADBA Christmas Dinner 2021” SOLD OUT event, held at the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Headquarters on December 12, 2021. We look […]

Amah Mutsun Efforts to Steward Their Ancestral Lands

As a Democratic organization, the Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area is very interested in the issue of indegenous people in the United States. We think there are parallels and similarities between issues that our Assyrian indigenous communities face in the Middle East and the native American indegenous communities. As we learn about these issues, […]

It’s not Saving The Planet, it’s Saving The Humankind

Contributing article by: Walter Varda ADBA’s Programs and Services Committee Chair We’re currently in a near panic trying to curb global warming. This is a good indication of our total lack of preparedness. In the absence of a viable alternative green energy, our earlier attempts to reduce Carbon Emission have backfired. The EU is in […]


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