Standing with Democracy in Opposition to the Rise of Right-Wing Nationalism

On Thursday, May 4, 2023, the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee passed a resolution in support of Standing with Democracy and in Opposition to Right Wing Nationalism.

This resolution was submitted by the Jewish Democratic Club of Silicon Valley and it was cosponsored by Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Assemblymember Evan Low, City Council Member David Cohen, Foothill/DeAnza CCD Trustee Patrick Ahern, Oak Grove School Board Member Jorge Pacheco, Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area, and Sousan Manteghi.

As a progressive Democratic club, Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area are fully supporting this resolution and they are opposed to right-wing extremism and far-right politics that embrace racist, homophobic, and misogynist rhetoric. History has taught us that far-right politics have resulted in oppression, forced assimilation, political violence, and ethnic cleansing.

Here is the complete text of this resolution. It is also posted at the SCCDP’s website at: Click to access Standing-with-Democracy-in-Opposition-to-the-Rise-of-Right-Wing-Nationalism.pdf

Whereas right-wing nationalist or religious nationalist governments have been elected in
a number of democracies including Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, the Philippines,
Poland and Turkey, and far-right parties have emerged in Brazil, Sweden, Chile, Costa
Rica, Norway, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and even the United States
Republican Party has been transformed into a far-right nationalist party; and

Whereas many of these nationalist governments have used demagoguery to obtain
slim, temporary legislative majorities, and once in power, sought to persecute
marginalized communities, women, and LGBTQ persons disempowered labor rights and
eliminate or reduce the power of an independent judiciary to protect civil rights,
eliminate political dissent, impose religious restrictions on society at large; and

Whereas vibrant democracies depend on equal protection of the law for all citizens, an
an independent judiciary, and the right of dissent, the answer to the rise of far-right
nationalism which, like the rise of Trump in the United States, is to support leadership
change through the restoration of democracy and voter empowerment through citizen
activism, not violent overthrow or imposition;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Santa Clara County Democratic Party supports the
principle of democratic government with an independent judiciary that interprets the law
without political, religious, or populist interference; and

Be it further resolved, that the Santa Clara County Democratic Party stands in solidarity
with the citizen activists of those countries seeking to protect their democracies,
marginalized communities and LGBTQ rights in their countries through their right to