Fred Parhad Sculptures to be auctioned at the Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area Christmas Dinner 2021!

It is our pleasure to announce that Mr. Fred Parhad, the renowned Assyrian sculptor, has dedicated three custom-made sculptures specifically made for the Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area.  These sculptures are to be auctioned at the upcoming “ADBA Christmas Dinner 2021” SOLD OUT event, held at the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Headquarters on December 12, 2021. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sculptor Fred Parhad

Eager to study from the best instructors that history had to offer he spent the hours away from the foundry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where, on an initial visit to see his beloved French Impressionists, he walked through the Near Eastern Galleries and saw, for the first time, the collection of magnificent Assyrian and Babylonian art. The Impressionists would have to wait. He received permission from the administration to copy, in clay, the “Lion of Ishtar”, which was to be the first of over thirty Assyrian/Babylonian art pieces he would copy, which served as his teacher

Beginning in 1978, and on his mother Bella Parhad’s advice, he presented his bronze and glazed ceramic sculptures at annual Assyrian conventions around the country. In 1983 Fred began work on a bronze monument of Ashurbanipal, installed in San Francisco’s Civic Center, in 1988. This is the first Assyrian public monument placed anywhere in the world in the last 2500 years. A final site is being considered for his monument of “Shamirum”. In addition to Assyrian sculpture Fred has had a bronze portrait of Mark Twain installed at the Bancroft Library, at the University of California, Berkeley, which is the primary repository of the Twain papers. They are also publishers of the final and complete Twain Biography.

Another great work of Mr. Parhad was completing eleven bronze portraits of the pioneers of the food and wine revolution in America of the 1970s, which includes Narsai M. David, Julia Child, Robert Mondavi and others. The collection was installed at the entrance to Napa Valley College’s Culinary Arts campus at St Helena, California.

Mr. Fred Farhad did not hesitate to support our cause by approving to auction off three of his unique pieces not available elsewhere. The three pieces are the following:

Head of Lamassu, Assyrian Winged Bull (Bronze Casted, Size 5”L, 5”W, 10”H)

Based on the most recognized symbol for the Assyrians, the Lamassu. The artist here is depicting only the head of Lamassu from the original artifact. Lamassu has never been depicted in this angle and this is a unique contribution of the artist not to be found elsewhere.

Head of Lamassu

Assyrian Lion (Bronze Casted, Size 15”L, 5”W, 10”H):

Based on the carved stone wall relief from the palace of Ashurbanipal showing the Lion that the king hunted.

Assyrian Lion

Democratic Donkey (Bronze Casted, Size 10”L, 5”W, 9”H)

The mascot of the United States Democratic Party, the donkey is depicted as smart, brave, and humble.

Democratic Donkey

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