A Conversation on AB 1400: California Guaranteed Health Care for All

California is usually ahead of the rest of the nation when it comes to pushing ahead on social and political issues. Healthcare reform continues to be at the forefront of political debates between left and right, between Progressives, Democrats, and Republicans.

Progressives see Healthcare reform as a matter of human rights and push for guaranteed healthcare for all. CalCare or AB-1400 pushed by Assemblymember Ash Kalra is an effort in this direction. AB-1400 proposes a single-payer health care coverage system in California.

This plan has strong opposition within the medical community. For example, Kaiser Permanente in its Capitol Matters newsletter asserted “Kaiser Permanente strongly supports universal coverage policies to ensure every Californian has access to affordable, high-quality health care”, they also assert AB-1400 would take us backward and would stifle competition and innovation.

We are delighted Assemblymember Ash Kalra will join us for a conversation on AB-1400 on March first. Join us in this zoom meeting at 7:00 pm for one hour and a half session and raise your questions and concerns.. 


Bay Area Iranian American Democrats

Assyrian Democrats of the Bay Area

Jewish Democratic Club of Silicon Valley

Progressive Democrats for Social Justice

A Conversation on AB 1400: California Guaranteed Health Care for All